A visit to Bengal Brew

Meet the clawsome cats at the Bengal Brew Cat Cafe located at the Ground Floor , Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center, Cubao Quezon City.

I had a great time running after them and crawling anywhere just to take the picture. The place is cool and had dim lights. We are careful not to have shutter sounds and lights otherwise they will walk away. They get stressed and you should let them come to you instead of being too excited to touch them. A little girl was clawed during our visit.

These furry friends were well groomed, well behaved and vaccinated but they get agitated too.

Huskies are cute too and you may take photos 😃





Watch me shrink some more…

Documenting on this very day on the scale that I am 5.5 kilos lighter. My target is 10 kilos for my standard height.  I started February 1, 2016  and I dropped 3 kilos by the form of  extreme liquid diet in a matter of weeks but it stuck there. March 29, 2016,  I went to a dojo that will help me speed up the loss.   The hard work on cross training  pays off. The intention is suicidal, the motivation is insane, the process is entirely ridiculous because of stress and less sleep.

What are the repercussions on speedy weight loss? I cannot even think when there is no solid food on my stomach and my skin started to sag around my tummy. Now, I had marks on wearing stupid corsets and I am throwing it away!  Since my head is empty,  my tasks are not even completed so I slack at work.  I became cranky for not eating anything beyond 4pm and hitting the gym at 7pm.

So my trainer (who is a black belt Senpai)  was absolutely right. I need to slow down and extend 2 months more and target 15 kilos instead. He suggested diets that will make me scream for more actually.  My resolution is to have liquid diet in the morning, eat in a smaller portion sporadically, nap before hitting the gym and eat a little after. I need to fix my schedule to do this otherwise I will be less focused and dizzy later.

I am getting there and I am doing this for the love of me, myself and I 🙂


505th Search and Rescue Group –  7th Squadron conducted an activity for the first quarter of the year. The activity would involve proficiency and shore cleanup. They call it “Scubasurero” (Scuba doing the job of basurero).  I just had the privilege to join for the time being since I am an open water diver and I really appreciate the invitation.


A photo with my husband.



Reconciling the equipment used.

12654232_10154612888559358_2232089990386817447_n 12670278_10154612879454358_5692650188277319329_n

I wish to join on the next proficiency again 🙂

A little bit of Everything on my Plate

A Plus 10 Kilos is not a joke.  I have been struggling to cut down intakes and I end up eating more.   So instead of depriving myself of what I wanted to eat, I decided to taste anything I want in moderation and never eat alone.

In addition, meet up with friends you haven’t been with for a long time so you will have more time to talk than to stuff your digestive track with goodies.  The more talkative you are the better????  Ha ha nope,  the purpose of the meeting is to cope up with the lost time, an opportunity coming, a sales meeting  and fuel more friendships 🙂

Last summer was the best time for me to go around and taste the following:

Chillis: Bottomless Tostada Chips and the Tripple Dipper.




Kanin Club: Tinapa Rice


Crispy Binukadkad na Tilapia


Sinigang na Tadyang is really a good kick with a fish sauce.



Mary Grace:  Cream cheese and Artichoke Heart Dip


  • Frozen layers of meringue with custard cream and sweet mangos in between. Truly molto bene!


Apples in a juicy cinnamon filing and a hot chocolate!


I seldom go out but I make sure I do treat myself to something special,  So I squeeze in  meetings instead.  In a way it was very helpful, before I ate because of pressure, now I go out to eat and business meeting was just a part of it.






The Luxe Residences



Among the high rise residential projects here in Fort Bonifacio, I find this very pleasing, accessible on the 28th street and most sought dwelling in the heart of the Central Business District.  The staffs are very polite and will attend to your needs as quickly as they could.  There are available units for rent and most of them are furnished to your liking.  I would love to conduct meetings here 🙂